Our nursing professional standards and practices are something that we keep with us as we begin our day (or next shift) of patient care. We may even be thinking about any new competencies or skills that may be needed to keep us proficient in our work.

Do you arrive at work embracing the fact that Technology and Nursing Practice are so intertwined that you do indeed “own” the technologic advances and implementations of new technology into practice as a critical component of 21st century nursing?

As a clinical informatics leader working in a health system, I have the privilege of working with nursing leaders and staff to adopt technology. The rapid pace of technologic change combined with governmental regulations leaves staff struggling to keep up with all the demands. Would the struggles be less cumbersome if the front-line nurses and managers truly own the implementation and outcomes of technology? Might we be having a different conversation less focused on engagement and adoption, and more on optimization and benefits realization?

I challenge all of you to think about this as you assess your current clinical environments and care transformations.