Who’s Minding the (Data) Store?

By Denise Hammel

The shift in focus toward population-level data analysis and modeling has increased industry-wide. However, as the focus shifts toward macro data, we are noticing the glaringly obvious gaps in integrity of what is being mined.…

Nursing: The Gateway for Informatics

By Denise Hammel

I can recall sitting in an undergraduate nursing course and being instructed that Nurses are the gatekeepers to healthcare for patients. I have often reflected on that idea and throughout the course of my professional…

Who Should Own Technology

By Janine Gesek

Our nursing professional standards and practices are something that we keep with us as we begin our day (or next shift) of patient care. We may even be thinking about any new competencies or skills…

Clinical Informatics Governance

By Denise Hammel

Great article published by Oxford Press for AMIA explores Nursing Informatics Governance models and provides a research-backed approach for demonstrating a shared governance approach for making the model actionable. Check out the article here.

Informatics: Strategy Before Technology

By Denise Hammel

Within the Standards and Scope of Informatics Practice, the authors cite Benner, Hooper-Kyriadkidis, and Stannard (2011) concept of “Thinking-in-action” as a key approach to the administration of care. This is an important concept in light…

Lean and the IT Dept

By Denise Hammel

Too often, I see organizations with robust Lean/Six Sigma departments yet there is a complete disconnect with Information Technology. Where an opportunity could exist to integrate a Lean approach to technology implementations, there is a…