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Nursing: The Gateway for Informatics

I can recall sitting in an undergraduate nursing course and being instructed that Nurses are the gatekeepers to healthcare for patients. I have often reflected on that idea and throughout the course of my professional career, been reminded of the truth of that statement. Nursing is – for many patients – the discipline they interact […]

Informatics: Strategy Before Technology

Within the Standards and Scope of Informatics Practice, the authors cite Benner, Hooper-Kyriadkidis, and Stannard (2011) concept of “Thinking-in-action” as a key approach to the administration of care. This is an important concept in light of the technology used in clinical practice today and how that technology might avow or disavowal itself to this ideal. […]

Lean and the IT Dept

Too often, I see organizations with robust Lean/Six Sigma departments yet there is a complete disconnect with Information Technology. Where an opportunity could exist to integrate a Lean approach to technology implementations, there is a void. Lean/Six Sigma often focuses on operational efforts and quality initiatives, which is not inappropriate by any means, but does […]

Informatics’ Changing Landscape

Are you ready? On December 2, 2014, the American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC) released the revised Standards and Scope of Practice for Nursing Informatics. These revised standards come at a pivotal point when organizations are examining their informatics department: Do we have the right people to implement advanced EHR concepts? Do we have the right […]

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