RNvision was created by a nurse for nursing. It provides nursing leadership visibility into their organization to assist with staffing decisions. The available modules are:

  • Acuity-Based Staffing Dashboard
  • Nurse Credentialing
  • Reporting and Analytics

RNvision is a unique system combining patient acuity, ratios, and credentialing. It is EHR agnostic so you can leverage any technology platform whether you are using a consolidated system or best of breed. RNvision is customizable for your needs and workflow.

Provides real-time, staffing decision support at your fingertips

Staffing Dashboard

The nursing dashboard provides high-level insights to assist with management-level decision making. Users can quickly determine overall acuity level of specific care areas and match that to the number of nurses available for care.

In the dashboard view:

  • Evaluate against mandated ratios, or if not regulated, ensure safe levels of care providers
  • Project staffing levels based on acuity in addition to census levels
  • Quick insight into length of stay
  • Ensure staffing remains within budgetary parameters and appropriately utilized
  • Examine trends and predict results

Acuity Based Staffing Dashboard

Nurse Credentialing

If you are not already using an automated credentialing system, RNvision has a solution. It provides efficient and valuable credentialing information presented in an easy to use system. With this module, you will be able to:

  • Efficiently credential nursing staff
  • Leverage the granular nurse credentialing to drive accurate nursing assignments
  • Increase clinical decision making process and cut credentialing time exponentially

Nurse Credentialing

Reporting and Analytics

With the data being collected and collated within RNvision, users are provided a robust analytics platform. A combination of canned and custom reporting unlocks the tools needed for nursing to make data-driven decisions.