Core Measures, Meaningful Use, Healthcare Reform…

An organization cannot survive in today’s healthcare environment without a strong data set, and the ability to report and act on critical measures. Allow XcellenceFirst to help your organization reduce risk and improve reporting capabilities. We can help you streamline your workflow to support improved data capture while reducing redundant documentation.

The biggest waste in the healthcare system is not unnecessary treatment or duplicated test results; it is that we collect data and never use it again. Chris Lehmann, M.D., Vanderbilt University professor of pediatrics and biomedical informatics

We will help you achieve:

  • Data harmonization and homogenization
  • Improved data capture and accuracy
  • Data governance
  • Privacy and security of data
  • Analysis of metric descriptors and a matrixes approach to other measure sets

Through the examination of how data is collected, analyzed, and reported on, we can save your organization time and effort by simplifying the process from beginning to end.