The founder of XcellenceFirst is a registered nurse who has adopted Lean/Six Sigma into her own career and through the study and practice of Lean, believes that healthcare not only deserves but warrants another way of performing day-to-day operations to not only survive, but thrive.

While there are other organizations that focus on Lean as a core skill set, few if any focus exclusively on the healthcare setting and are practiced by seasoned clinicians. XcellenceFirst will not only deliver traditional Lean solutions, they will apply their healthcare expertise to work with your organization to create solutions that fit your unique culture.

Our approach to Lean/Six Sigma methodology is flexible but always aims to not only deliver to but exceed your definition of success as our customer.

XcellenceFirst can address the needs of every healthcare environment, including:

  • Acute care settings; Hospitals, IDN’s,
  • Ambulatory care
  • Surgical centers

Our foremost priority is to provide superior consulting to maximize results.